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Staffing Company.

Matching Clinics and Candidates

Hiring has never been more challenging, and healthcare organizations need cost-effective, innovative, and dependable staffing solutions. At the same time, job seekers need support as they navigate a growing number of career opportunities. That’s why employers and candidates alike should put their jobs in the hands of people who have worked, hired, and managed healthcare positions. From medical assistant (MA) and registered nurse (RN) to clinic manager and RN manager to MA educator to past president of the American Association of Medical Assistants, we’ve seen and done the work from many angles. MyTeam Medical Staffing can put ourselves in your shoes better than anyone in the industry.   

We’re Creating Something Bigger

Healthcare is selfless, important, and difficult work. With optimized medical staffing, healthcare workers can pursue more meaningful careers and organizations can help their patients lead healthier and happier lives. We’re not just filling open positions. We’re doing our part to build a better healthcare future for everyone.

The Team Behind MyTeam

With backgrounds in healthcare, staffing, and education, our team uses its expertise to serve the needs of job seekers and employers.
Paula Purdy
Director of Clinic Services
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Lisa Phromnopavong
Staffing Manager and Senior Trainer
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Warren Johnson
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Jason Hess
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Jack Graham
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Building a Better Healthcare Industry

One of MyTeam’s core values is to create stronger healthcare workers and organizations by investing in the medical community. Pursuing that goal wouldn’t be possible without the help of our valued partners and affiliates.